K and K Forest Products, LLC


K and K Forest Products, LLC formed under two reputable and experienced leaders, both taking on managerial roles. Currently, Kevin Proctor presides as President of Proctor Logging Incorporated, while Ken Proctor, alongside his wife, Teri Proctor, co-owns and manages KT Trucking. Both harvesting and trucking are important dimensions in the logging industry; therefore, having knowledge in both areas is the key to the success of K and K Forest Products, LLC.

Proctor Logging Incorporated has been operating for twenty four years, after being established in 1987. KT Trucking was established in 2006, allowing for five years of operating experience. Combined, they bring the necessary experience, knowledge, skills and business relationships to successfully manage K and K Forest Products, LLC.

K and K Forest Product's team follows Best Management Practices of Sustainable Forestry and are certified in the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Program, which was formed to provide guidance in growing and harvesting trees to protect wildlife, plants, soil, air, and water quality.
Here is an example of a reforestation technique. The landowner chose to go with a fifty percent thinning for the second thinning of his red pine. The first thinning happened seven years prior.