K and K Forest Products, LLC

In addition to providing wood-based products to local mills, K and K Forest Products, LLC offers services to landowners across northern Michigan, such as: providing free timber quotes, contracting and purchasing standing timber from private, state, and federal landowners, and with the help of foresters, scaling landowners’ properties to analyze the wood supply in terms of timber species, timber volumes, property lines, and land terrain. Ultimately, K and K Forest Products, LLC strives to offer an assortment of logging services in order to ensure that the needs of customers are fully met.

Products and Services

K and K Forest Products, LLC
purchases and harvests all species of timber, consisting of: aspen, pine, and mixed hardwoods. The standing timber purchased is then harvested to make the following wood products:

**Firewood for Sale (8ft. length): 10 cord minimum, with prices varying, depending on mileage.
(1). Pulpwood
(2). Firewood
(3). Scragg Logs
(4). Saw Logs