K and K Forest Products, LLC


The vision for K and K Forest Products, LLC is to combine twenty four years of experience from Proctor Logging with the knowledge from KT Trucking, creating one solid organization that operates efficiently in both the trucking and logging aspects of the business while providing excellent customer service.

About Us:

In 2008, Kevin Proctor, President of Proctor Logging, and Ken Proctor, co-founder of KT Trucking, joined together to form K and K Forest Products, LLC. K and K Forest Products is a Michigan based company located in Wexford County which specializes in buying standing timber of all species, such as: hardwoods, aspen, and pine within an 80-100 mile radius. Once the timber is harvested and removed from the property, it is sold and delivered to local mills. In addition to purchasing standing timber, K and K Forest Products, LLC also provides the actual logging services to manage, harvest, and deliver the timber, demonstrating a full range of capabilities. K and K Forest Products, LLC takes pride in offering its customers exceptional services to fulfill all of their logging needs.